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Welcome to "We Teach Cricut", a blog designed to help beginning Cricut users find a Cricut instructor close to home.

Many of the instructors here have been trained by ProvoCraft (PC) to demonstrate the PC products at locations across the USA and in Canada. We have experience in using the original Cricut (also known as the V1 or the Baby Bug), Cricut Expression, Cricut Cake, Gypsy, and the Yudu. Many of us also have in-depth knowledge and experience with Cricut Design Studio, Cricut Create, Cricut Imagine, and the Cuttlebug.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cricut Classes in SW Florida

My name is Barb Sampson and I am thoroughly trained on the Baby Bug, Create, Expression and Cricut Cake, as well as Cricut Design Studio and the Gypsy. I have been teaching private classes as well as classes in a local Scrapbook store since 2008. With my ProvoCraft training to demonstrate their products, I am confident that my classes are the best available in SW Florida.

The classes that I offer are:
  • 101 - an intro to the Cricut. Expect to learn how to start using your Cricut, what all the buttons and dials do, and how to get the most from your machine. This class is for any machine: Cricut, Expression, Create, and Cake.
  • 102 - exploring layering, how to put the cut pieces together, how to add details with ink and chalk, the many different materials your Cricut can cut, using Cricut Markers, and the endless possibilities the Cricut will give you to bring your creativity to another level.
  • Design Studio - Intro to CDS, how to weld, create shadows, do a search, position the blade where YOU want it on the mat, using multiple layers, designing with multiple cartridges, hide contour, grouping, and using the Juke Box.
  • Gypsy - Intro to features, how to weld, create shadows, do a search, position the blade where YOU want it on the mat, using multiple layers, designing with multiple cartridges, hide contour, grouping, and Gypsy Sync.
  • Cartridge Exploration Classes - You pick the cartridge and I'll show you how to get the most out of it (list of cartridges available upon request). This is also a great class if you are considering buying a cartridge but are unsure if you will really use it.
  • Additional classes available for glass etching with the Cricut, using vinyl and transfer sheets, creating word / shape books (CDS or Gypsy required), as well as your own class ideas.
All classes are 2-hours. Cricut 101, 102 and cartridge exploration classes include cardstock and paper, Gypsy and CDS do not. The costs are:
    • $18 for 1 person
    • $15 pp for 2 - 4 people
    • $10 pp for 5-9 people
    • $8 pp for groups larger than 10 people
(Class fees are payable in cash only)

I am also available to hire for crops and private scrapbooking parties / events. My cartridge library is quite extensive (142 cartridges as of 10/7/10) including many retired and exclusive carts. I own an Expression, a V1 (Baby Bug), a Gypsy, CDS, JukeBox, Cuttlebug, and *YourStory Binder/Laminator and would bring any of the machines to your event for your attendees to use (*additional supply fees / restrictions may apply).

Contact me to help you make your Cricut experience more enjoyable and productive! I can be reached via email at alicensetochill@comcast.net. Please check out my personal blog at http://craftinginparadise.blogspot.com for a glimpse at some of my projects.


  1. Oh my goodness Barb I would LOVE to take any and all of your classes!! If only I lived closer to you than Oregon. I have tried to start classes over here and M's and J's both say they have their own employees to teach those classes. And let me tell you I have seen them TRY to do our demo jobs and they are so bad at it. I have actually helped some of them when they look so very lost. Thank you for starting this blog.

  2. Sharon have you thought about doing private classes? That's my preference these days. If I'm doing the instructing, have spent numerous hours learning everything I can possibly know about the machines and their capabilities and providing the supplies for the class then I don't want to split the fees with a store.

    Don't give up with a "no" from M's or J's! Those types of classes are mostly for up-selling additional product. While you may get people interested in other PC products in your class, private classes do not have the added pressure of sell, sell, sell, LOL!